Exploring the 2020 Ford Ranger Bed Dimensions

March 20th, 2020 by

Man standing in the bed of a 2020 Ranger
Does the new Ford midsize truck have the specs you need to complete tough jobs near Chicago? Precise 2020 Ford Ranger bed dimensions will vary depending on the cab that you select, but your friends at Badger Truck & Auto Group have broken down everything you need to know!

2020 Ranger Bed Size: SuperCab vs. SuperCrew®

When you’re outfitting a 2020 Ford Ranger of your own, you’ll be able to choose between XL, XLT, and Lariat configurations. Each of these three trims is available with a SuperCab body, which seats four, or a SuperCrew® body, which seats five. SuperCab models always come with a six-foot bed, while SuperCrew® always receives a five-foot bed.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the 2020 Ford Ranger bed dimensions:

Ranger Bed Size with SuperCab

  • Bed Length: 6 feet from cab to tailgate
  • Inside Length (At Floor): 72.8 inches
  • Width Between Wheelhouses: 44.8 inches
  • Maximum Width Inside Bed: 61.4 inches
  • Bed Height (Inside): 20.8 inches
  • Total Cargo Bed Volume: 51.8 cubic feet

Ranger Bed Size with SuperCrew®

  • Bed Length: 5 feet from cab to tailgate
  • Inside Length: (At Floor): 61.0 inches
  • Width Between Wheelhouses: 44.8 inches
  • Maximum Width Inside Bed: 61.4 inches
  • Bed Height (Inside): 20.8 inches
  • Total Cargo Bed Volume: 43.3 cubic feet

Think you might need more space? Check out the 2020 F-150’s bed dimensions today.

Making the Most of Your Ford Midsize Truck

With either the 5-foot or 6-foot cargo box, the Ford Ranger bed size specs can help you tackle pretty much any item on your to-do list. Wondering if you need to upgrade with a half-ton or heavy-duty pickup truck for your Waukesha and Madison job sites? Take a closer look at this Ford midsize truck’s towing and payload specs:

Ford Ranger Payload Capacity

  • SuperCab with 4×2: 1,860 pounds
  • SuperCab with 4×4: 1,650 pounds
  • SuperCrew® with 4×2: 1,770 pounds
  • SuperCrew® with 4×4: 1,560 pounds

Ford Ranger Towing Capacity

  • With the proper equipment, any Ford Ranger configuration can tow up to 7,500 pounds. However, your Gross Combined Weight Rating and curb weight will vary.
  • SuperCab with 4×2: GCWR of 12,150 pounds, Curb weight of 4,145 pounds
  • SuperCab with 4×4 GCWR: 12,400 pounds, Curb weight of 4,354 pounds
  • SuperCrew® with 4×2 GCWR: 12,250 pounds, Curb weight of 4,232 pounds
  • SuperCrew® with 4×4 GCWR: 12,500 pounds, Curb weight of 4,441 pounds

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 6,050 pounds in any configuration

Trying to figure out exactly how much you can tow? As long as you have the right towing hitch, simply subtract your curb weight (plus the weight of passengers and cargo) from your GCWR.

Badger Truck & Auto Group is Your Source for Truck Specs

Now that you’ve had a chance to explore the 2020 Ford Ranger bed dimensions in-depth, we know you’ll be eager to see this model in person. Take the time today to check out our full lineup of new Ford trucks, and let us know how we can help.

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