2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid Specs

May 24th, 2021 by
2021 Ford F-150

Are you eager for the arrival of the Ford F-150 Hybrid? You should be. This efficient and high-powered alternative to traditional gas-powered pickup trucks is already setting the stage for a massive change in the nation’s most popular vehicle segment. Our guide to the 2021 F-150 Hybrid specs can tell you exactly what to expect in terms of mpg, power output, capability, and weight! Don’t wait to take a closer look.

2021 F-150 Hybrid MPG & Performance Specs

The 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid comes equipped with a PowerBoost™ twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6 and a 47-hp electric motor, and the results of this pairing are plain to see:

  • F-150 Hybrid MPG: 24 mpg city, 24 mpg highway, 24 mpg in combined settings
  • F-150 Hybrid Output: 430 hp and 570 lb-ft of torque

These mpg specs represent a significant improvement over the non-hybrid F-150 trucks that you may have grown accustomed to! If you’re looking for a truck that can take you further and power your adventures with fewer trips to the pump, you’ve got to experience it for yourself.

2021 F-150 Hybrid Towing & Payload Specs

The hybrid F-150 mpg specs are certainly impressive, but how does this pickup hold up when the pressure is on? A half-ton pickup needs to be able to put in work on Chicago and job sites, and the new Ford F-150 Hybrid does not disappoint:

  • F-150 Hybrid Towing Capacity: Up to 12,700 pounds
  • F-150 Hybrid Payload Limit: Up to 2,120 pounds

Previously, drivers who wanted to own a more efficient F-150 might have opted for the available 3.0L Power Stroke® diesel. Now there’s an even more powerful eco-conscious alternative with some seriously impressive capabilities. Our guide to the 2021 F-150 towing capacity can help you compare the hybrid powertrain to other options in the lineup.

2021 F-150 Hybrid Weights & Dimensions

The F-150 Hybrid offers seating for up to six passengers, so you won’t have to ask your team to compromise on space. In fact, this powertrain is only available with the SuperCrew® cabin, and that means it’s available with your choice between the 5.5-foot truck bed and the 6.5-foot truck bed. Its weight is variable, depending primarily on your chosen bed and drivetrain:

F-150 Hybrid Curb Weight

  • With 4×2 & 5.5-foot Box: 5,260 pounds
  • With 4×4 & 5.5-foot Box: 5,517 pounds
  • With 4×2 & 6.5-foot Box: 5,228 pounds
  • With 4×4 & 6.5-foot Box: 5,540 pounds

Exterior dimensions are also variable: Models with the 5.5-foot box have a wheelbase of 145.4 inches and a total length of 231.7 inches; those with the 6.5-foot box have a 157.2-inch wheelbase and a total length of 243.5 inches.

Find a New Ford F-150 for Sale at Badger Truck & Auto Group!

The 2021 F-150 Hybrid specs have captured the attention of drivers from Milwaukee to , and it isn’t at all difficult to see why. If you’re ready to experience this model for yourself, contact us today to learn more about your options! We know you’ll love what you find in our new Ford truck inventory.

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