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What Are the Best Trucks for Snow & Ice?

2021 RAM 1500 Plowing Snow

If you want a truck that can handle the toughest conditions you’ll face in Chicago and Madison, then you can safely skip over the entry-level 2WD configurations offered by most models. Instead, choose a truck with AWD—or even better, 4WD—and look for a model with a longer body and higher ground clearance. Moreover, even the best trucks for snow and ice will need to be equipped with winter tires in order to deliver superior performance all season long.

Whether you’re looking for the best truck for snow plowing or you just need a pickup for moving equipment around your property, read on to get a closer look at the features that separate top choices from lackluster alternatives.

What Features Distinguish the Best Pickup Trucks for Snow?

When you’re on the hunt for the best pickup trucks for snow and ice, you should look for models that have a proven track record in difficult, off-road conditions. Most modern pickup trucks offer 4WD configurations, as well as trim levels devoted to off-road prowess, so your decision may ultimately come down to which brand of truck you’d prefer to drive.

With that said, you should consider all of the following factors when you’re deciding on the perfect model:

Longer Body, Even Weight Distribution

Even if you don’t plan on hauling much cargo, you should skip over the short box. Pickup trucks with longer bodies are less likely to get stuck on a rough patch: when a vehicle’s weight is distributed over a wider area, it tends to get better traction in most conditions, including ice and snow.

However, it’s equally important to note that you should try to pick a model with an even, 50/50 front-rear weight distribution. If too much of the vehicle’s weight is distributed to either end, it’s far more likely to get stuck when the going gets tough. Keep that info in mind when you get around to loading up a trailer during wintertime.

Four-Wheel Drive (vs. All-Wheel Drive)

All-wheel drive can help you cruise through patches of ice that you encounter on Milwaukee and Waukesha roads—but for deep snow, four-wheel drive will be able to take you much further. Generally speaking, AWD can shift torque from the front or rear to the other set of tires; 4WD can do this as well, but it can also shift torque from the left to the right—ensuring that the wheels with the most grip can receive the most power.

Ground Clearance

The more ground clearance your vehicle has, the less likely it is to run into trouble in deep snow. Larger wheels and tires can obviously be a lot of help in these situations, so be sure to explore all of your preferred manufacturer’s stock options.

If you need even more clearance, leveling kits and lift kits can add between two and ten inches to your vehicle’s ground clearance and total height.

Our parts department would be happy to help you explore your options—and we can also help you upfit your vehicle for snow plowing or other work.

Snow Tires

We’ve already said that larger wheels and tires can be useful in ice and snow, but not all truck tires are equal. Winter tires perform better in cold temperatures, reducing a vehicle’s stopping distance by 30% or more compared to all-season alternatives. Moreover, winter tires tend to be thinner than all-season tires—a difference that helps them cut through snow and maintain better traction on ice.

Find the Best Trucks for Snow at Badger Truck & Auto Group!

No matter what kind of application you’re interested in, the team at Badger Truck & Auto Group makes it easy to drive home in the perfect pickup truck. Although it’s easy to find exciting options on our new and pre-owned inventories, you can also use our vehicle finder service to tell us exactly what you’re looking for. We’ll comb through our inventory to find the best trucks for snow and ice that we have in stock today!

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