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Diesel vs. Gas Trucks


Comparing diesel vs. gas trucks can be tough when you don’t even know where to start, so we’ve put together an overview of key differences. If you’d like to explore diesel vs. gas trucks pros and cons, you’ve already found a great place to start.

Diesel vs. Gas Truck: Engines

Compare engines with similar displacements and you’ll generally find gas models offering more horsepower, but keep in mind that this trend is changing. With the horsepower gap narrowing, it’s not as big of a drawback for diesel as it used to be.

When you turn to torque, things favor diesel engines. They offer significantly more than gas engines, and that gap isn’t closing like it is with horsepower. In fact, it’s growing — we’re starting of see gaps of 300 or more lb-ft of torque. That’s vital for truck drivers to note since it’s torque that really helps an engine do its job when you’re towing or hauling heavy payloads.

Diesel vs. Gas Truck: Fuel Efficiency

Whether in the center of Milwaukee or cruising between Green Bay and Madison, conventional wisdom tells us that new and used diesel trucks generally earn better mileage. This is still true, but gas engines are catching up thanks to the wider adoption of features like direct injection and cylinder deactivation.

If you’re only considering a diesel because you want to limit your fuel stops, just remember that the efficiency difference isn’t as great as it once was.

Cost of Owning a Diesel Truck vs. Gas

Diesels might save on fuel, but they do usually cost more upfront, especially when you’re looking at heavy-duty models. It’s worth thinking about how much you’ll be driving to work out the financial impact of gas vs. diesel.

That said, with proper maintenance, diesel engines come out on top for durability and longevity. They’re known to last hundreds of thousands of miles because they use stronger engine blocks that can handle higher compression ratios. They cost more, but they last longer.

Compare Diesel vs. Gas Trucks in Person by Visiting Badger Truck & Auto Group

We carry a large range of diesel and gas models at Badger Truck & Auto Group, including:

If you’re still unsure which engine type is for you or are wondering how to start a diesel engine vs. a gas engine, contact us today or visit your nearest Badger Truck & Auto Group. While you’re at it, it may be useful to find out what makes a good landscaping truck.

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