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Badger Isuzu Parts Center

Badger Isuzu offers Genuine Isuzu parts to handle all of your service needs. Isuzu Genuine Parts are designed and built to ensure your truck is running at peak performance and stays on the road, and are developed specifically for your Isuzu vehicles!

Isuzu Genuine Parts Warranty:

  • Isuzu Genuine Parts are approved for all warranty repairs and carry a one (1) year/unlimited mile warranty!

Get the right part for the right price at the right time! Saving money is a prime concern for our customers these days. FleetValue Parts are OEM quality parts at competitive prices. Other aftermarket parts may compromise your vehicle, but FleetValue Parts guarantee the performance standards for your Isuzu truck.

FleetValue Warranty:

  • FleetValue parts that are purchased and installed by us are warrantied for twelve (12) months and unlimited miles. That includes parts & labor!
  • FleetValue parts that are sold, but not installed, by us are warrantied for twelve (12) months / unlimited miles from the date of sale (parts only, labor not included).

Trust us to give you the full details on your parts warranty!


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