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Badger Isuzu Certified Service

Badger Isuzu Certified Service

What sets us apart from the rest? Our people.

Our Isuzu certified technicians have over 30 years of combined experience. They treat our customers’ trucks like their own. Their top priority is always to fix our customers’ vehicles right the first time, every time.

We also have Spanish speaking employees who are always happy to help!

Priority Service Maintenance Program (PSMP) & 24/60 Service Program

With priority service, we have you covered. The Isuzu Priority Service Maintenance Program (PSMP) was introduced in 2008. Since 2008, over 21,000 vehicles have included PSMP. This program is beneficial to both the Isuzu customer and to the dealership.

Customer Benefits

  • Quick turnaround time
  • Basic maintenance turnaround of less than 2 hours
  • Predictable costs
  • Service costs can be planned in advance
  • Fixed for the term
  • One-stop for all service and parts
  • All-in-one maintenance to simplify their operations
  • Easy to understand maintenance plan
  • Provides manufacturer-approved scheduled maintenance
  • ALL programs with fixed pricing for term
  • Vehicles inspected by dealer on a regular basis
  • Need for potential vehicle repairs is discovered long before they become costly and time consuming emergency repairs;
  • Tire rotation included extends tire life
  • Brake adjustments extends brake wear
  • Inspection of belts, hoses and top off fluids to reduce downtime
  • Fuel economy maximized by maintaining critical air and fuel systems in top condition
  • Offered to retail and fleet customers
  • Administered by Isuzu Commercial Truck
  • Customers may include in Finance or Lease contract with Isuzu Finance of America, Inc. or Hitachi Capital America, Inc. – ONE MONTHLY PAYMENT FOR TRUCK AND MAINTENANCE
  • Unused services are refunded to customer, no questions asked, no prepayment penalty, no rule of 78’s*
  • NO price increase over term
  • Can cost less than paying for individual services over time
  • Peace of mind

Our Isuzu Service Team!

Gas PricingDiesel Pricing
Oil Change (A Service)$159.95$259.95
Oil Change (B Service)$279.95$459.95
Fuel Filter-$139.95
Fuel Water Separator-$139.95
Transmission Service$259.95$279.95
Power Steering Flush$159.95$159.95
Brake Fluid Flush$159.95$159.95
Differential Service$159.95$159.95
Cooling System Service$259.95$259.95
Battery Service$95.95$95.95
Tire Rotation$129.95$129.95
Retorque Body Bolts$139.99$139.99
Tune Up (Spark Plugs & Wires)$450.00-
Wheel Bearing Repack$349.95$349.95
Dot Inspection$152.50$152.50
A/C Tune Up$191.91$191.91
Front End Inspections$189.95$189.95
Liftgate Service$295.95$295.95
Rear Door Service$129.95$129.95
Fuel System Service (Filter & Cleaner)-$189.95
DPF Cleaning-$1,999.99
Pricing is based on Isuzu recommended fluids, all prices subject to change.
Our A Inspection service is a 70-point vehicle inspection that covers routine maintenance checks and addresses typical wear and tear on Isuzu and heavy-duty work trucks. This inspection will ensure your vehicle is looked over for any alarming maintenance that may lead to dangerous driving conditions down the road.
Our B inspection is a 100-point vehicle inspection that addresses all of the points from an A-inspection, plus specific maintenance checks like oil sample testing, cooling system pressure test, fuel water separator replacement, and DOT inspection. We suggest opting for a B-Inspection once a year, for high mileage vehicles or for vehicles that are over 5 years old.
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