Maintenance and Fuel Economy

April 5th, 2017 by

Fuel Economy

Nothing will hurt your fuel economy like a poorly maintained car. Keeping up with on your vehicle’s maintenance schedule will save you money on gas.

Commonly neglected maintenance components like spark plugs and oil changes can reduce your fuel economy. Old spark plugs won’t consistently spark, leaving you with unspent fuel passing through the injectors, wasting gas. Replacing plugs at regular intervals and upgrading to platinum or iridium plugs can help to improve ignition and decrease fuel waste.

Old, dirty oil increases engine friction, reducing your engine’s efficiency. Making sure to change your oil and filter at regular intervals not only helps to reduce engine wear but will improve the fuel efficiency of your engine.

Finally, keeping your engine air filter clean and changed will improve airflow to the engine, allowing for a leaner air to fuel gas mixture.

Making sure to keep up with your maintenance schedule will save you money at the pumps. Stop by the maintenance department and we’ll help keep your fuel economy at peak performance.

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