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Why Buy a Cab Over Engine Truck?

Are you in need of a versatile truck for your Madison business? Then cab over engine trucks, or cabover trucks, might be right for you. Discover the pros and cons to the cabover truck body style with the commercial vehicle experts at Badger Truck & Auto Group.

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What is a Cabover Truck?

At its most basic, a cabover truck consists of a cab and the chassis. Unlike a conventional truck where the engine is in front of the cabin, a cabover truck’s engine is located under the cab, between the driver and passenger.

Pros of Cab Over Engine Trucks

  • Upfitting: Any cab over engine truck is great building block for customization, providing a great starter vehicle that can be upfitted with the body or bed that you need. From an empty bed for lugging lumber or a housing for a food truck, there are are a plethora of possibilities to choose from with this style of truck.
  • Visibility: The unique design of a cab over engine truck puts the driver in a position for optimum visibility. Truck drivers sit farther forward than in conventional trucks, which allows for enhanced visibility in the front and on the sides. This makes a cabover truck like the Isuzu NPR perfect for navigating through bustling job sites.
  • Maneuverability: Due to their design, cab over engine trucks have a tighter turning radius than conventional trucks. This increases their maneuverability on tight city streets and allows drivers to park with relative ease.

Cons of Cabover Trucks

  • Accessibility: Getting to the engine continues to be one of the main challenges with a cab over engine truck. In order to access the engine, you have to lift and tilt the cab forward because the engine is actually under the cabin. This means that, if you unexpectedly break down on the way from Chicago to Waukesha, you can’t just pop the hood like you would in a traditional truck.
  • Long-Haul Driving: If long-haul drives are part of your business, then these trucks can prove to be a tight squeeze. While they generally provide ample headroom, adding a bunk for sleeping will reduce that headspace drastically.

Find Your Cab Over Engine Truck at Badger Truck & Auto Group

At Badger Truck & Auto Group we have a comprehensive selection of commercial vehicles and trucks, from the Isuzu FTR cabover and beyond. To find out if the cab over engine truck is the best option for your business, contact our dealership or visit one of our locations throughout Wisconsin. Our knowledgeable team will be able to advise you on the best vehicle to fit your business needs.

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