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    Find the used dump truck for sale that you’ve been looking for at Badger Truck & Auto Group near Chicago. Our trained team will help you find the heavy-lifter you need to get the job done at our  Milwaukee dealership.

    What to Look For When Buying a Used Dump Truck

    Dump trucks do a lot of work so you want to make sure your used dump truck is in good shape and up to the task. When shopping for a used dump truck near Madison you want to make sure to:

    • Check the body and dump box for any cracks, rust, dents, or sign of major repairs.
    • Look at tires and any sign of uneven tread wear, which could point to a possible alignment issue
    • Check frames and rails for bending and sagging or signs or corrosion.
    • Make sure the lifting cylinders don’t have any dents, leaks, or cracks
    • Climb inside the cab and test out the vehicle and its lifting components to make sure all function properly.
    • Look over the engine, or have a certified mechanic evaluate it if you lack extensive heavy equipment experience.

    Need additional options? We have vehicles priced under $15k so you can fulfill your business needs while keeping to your budget. Feel free to contact us with any additional financing questions or to set up a visit to check out our used dump trucks for sale today.

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