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    Hunting for a truck means considering everything from engine options to available heated seats, but one of the most fundamental decisions is whether to choose gas or diesel. While gas models can be great, there’s more than one reason why looking at diesel trucks for sale can be a smart idea. Explore our selection of diesel trucks for sale below to find the right match for your applications!

    Why Consider Used Diesel Trucks for Sale?

    If you need exceptional towing between Chicago and Madison, the added torque of a diesel engine can be attractive. They also cope better than gas powerplants with everyday wear and tear, meaning lower maintenance costs and a lower chance of breaking down on your way into Green Bay. If you’re thinking diesel engines are noisy or clunky, you’re picturing yesterday’s models — late-model diesels are smoother and quieter than ever. Focused on finances? Keep in mind that diesels deliver superior fuel economy and generally command higher resale values than gas models.

    You’ll find a comprehensive range of diesel trucks for sale at Badger Truck & Auto Group in Milwaukee. To explore diesel engines and to learn more about diesel maintenance and how to start diesel engines vs. gas engines, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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