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Get Your Truck Trade-In Value with Badger Truck & Auto Group

Are you ready to upgrade? Getting your truck’s trade-in value could help you save thousands on your next purchase and get everything you want out of your next new or new-to-you vehicle. And, if you want to make sure that you’re getting every penny that your truck is worth, it just makes sense to work with the experts at Badger Truck & Auto Group.

Our used truck value calculator is simple and easy to use, and once you’ve filled out the form, you’ll receive an estimate in just a few moments. You’ll also be connected to an expert team member who can make a detailed and precise assessment of your vehicle! If you’re ready to move forward today, simply contact us to schedule a final appraisal at our dealership.

What is Your Truck Worth?

The other guys don’t know what your truck is really worth, but we here at Badger Truck & Auto Group have all the information you’ll need to move forward with confidence. In order to appraise your vehicle’s true value, we take all of the following factors into account:

  • Make, Model, and Year: These factors may be the most obvious considerations, but unlike other Chicago and Madison car dealerships, we know which trucks hold up on the job site and we have years of experience working with the region’s hardest working drivers. That’s another way of saying that we know your vehicle’s real value, and we don’t base decisions on statistics alone.
  • Accessories and Attachments: If you’ve taken the time to customize your old vehicle for a particular field or industry, you might have a hard time finding the right buyer elsewhere. However, we’re confident that we can resell any truck, even (or especially) if it’s highly customized. That means we’d be happy to take any vehicle off your hands.
  • Condition and Service History: It’s no secret that models in good condition are worth more than models with rust damage or significant wear. Service history also plays a major role in a vehicle’s long-term dependability, so it’s something that we pay close attention to when we’re appraising a vehicle. Unlike non-experts, we even understand how heavy lifting and towing can impact a vehicle’s value and performance.

So, what is your truck worth? Find out by taking advantage of our used truck value calculator! We’d love to buy your old truck and help you find what’s next. Calculate your monthly payments and apply for financing today. It’s easy to take the next steps from your home in Milwaukee or Waukesha.