We’re Coming for You, Frosty!

August 16th, 2018 by

Snowplow Season Officially Started August 1st

What better way to get in the mood, than a road trip to Mankato, Minnesota for SnowEx snowplow training. Even though it was over 90 degrees, Tony and Jason from Badger Truck Equipment (BTE) managed to enjoy the time with their hosts, Kaye Corporation, the distributor of SnowEx products. Here, Jason is having some hands-on training and troubleshooting using mini-SnowEx plows. Even though SnowEx is owned by Douglas Dynamics, who also manufactures the Western product line and is located in Milwaukee just north of 76th and Silver Spring, BTE still has to purchase all SnowEx products through Kaye Corporation. SnowEx is best known for their spreaders, but is actively trying to penetrate the snowplow market as well.

Farmer’s Almanac says snow is just 100 days away! Our technicians are ready for snow. Are you?

If you need help getting ready for snowfall, give us a call to have your plow serviced at 414.316.2791 or visit our website to shop inventory.


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